Sales & Conversion Support

Our in-house International sales & marketing experts use unparalleled patented sales & marekting tools including Medzell, our new B2B platform to generate leads from across 50+ countries, identify and understand buyer requirements & behaviour, supporting both buyers and manufacturers them the right support enabling them to take faster decisions in favour of the products and services offered by us.


Our global expertise is used to provide better consultation to Indian medical device manufacturers to make their products and solutions fit for the global market in terms of price, specifications, quality standards, regulatory conditions and supply chain.


We use the digital space including search engine and social media for deriving a global branding proposition for the products and services.

Supply & Logistics Guidance

Having partnered with logistics partners across the world, we optimise the product delivery in an affordable yet in a speedy manner.

Marketing & Lead Generation

With the help of our new B2B platform - Medzell and several other marketing tools & strategies, Our digital experts reach out to the target markets to generate business leads from across the world, curate the lead data by gathering more information about the buyer, their requirments. This enables faster conversions as both buyer and manufacturer leverage on better curated data to get better offers & to take faster decisions.

What we do

Eightwe Digital Transformations Pvt. Ltd. is a digital consulting & marketing company developed to support Indian medical device manufactures giving them end to end suppport from marketing, branding, sales to supply chain for global market.

We identify the global clients through digital networking and meet their expectations of cost effective medical devices from Indian manufacturers.
Medzell is our new product that was launched on 15th April 2022. Medzell is a global B2B platform dedicated to advancing Made-in-India medical devices worldwide. At Medzell, Indian manufacturers and International buyers can easily connect and get support to close their orders soon.